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Ringing Class Library

The Ringing Class Library is a library of C++ classes which represent the objects used in studying English change ringing. If you don't know what change ringing is, here is a big list of links to information.

A class library is designed to be used by people writing their own ringing programs in C++. Whenever anybody writes a program which deals with ringing, they must always start by writing code to deal with manipulating and displaying rows, changes and other standard objects; the idea of a class library is that this is done once for all, and application programmers can get on with the design of their program.

These are some of the things which the class library can deal with:

  • Rows and changes
  • Methods
  • Libraries of methods in arbitrary formats
  • Printing
  • Proof and analysis of music
Work has also started on classes to represent touches.

The Ringing Class Library is available under the GNU public license (GPL), which means that you may use it for writing your own programs providing that you stick to the terms of the license. In particular, this means that your programs must also be under the GPL. See the file COPYING in the distribution for more details.

There is a mailing list for announcements about the Ringing Class Library. To find out how to subscribe, either visit the list's web page or send an email to with the word `help' in either the subject line or the message body.

Martin Bright
Last updated Tuesday 29 April 2003